Jeff Chemeres

Executive MBA Americas '15



Jeff is a proud member of the CQEMBA Class of 2015 and founded Empathica, a customer experience and advocacy measurement company. Empathica now achieves over $22 million in annual sales and just this September, Empathica was acquired by Mindshare Technologies, Inc..

Entrepreneurship and launching new initiatives is what Jeff loves to, and in the 12 years of growing Empathica he played a key leadership role in expanding the business to gain a significant reputation in the US, United Kingdom and Western Europe.

Jeff is also a strong believer in "intrapreneurship" within corporations and led a team in the development of a synergistic brand and social media product "GoRecommend" within Empathica in 2009. Since its launch in 2010, "GoRecommend" has been adopted by over 75 brands, becoming a major competitive differentiator for Empathica, finding over 1.25 million advocates with 150 million Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Earlier this year, the GoRecommend product was the recipient of the United Kingdom's Chartered Institute of Marketing and Loyalty Magazine's "Loyalty Award" in the Social Media and Technology category. It also became Empathica's first patented product in August of 2013.

Jeff lives in Grimsby, Ontario with his wife Sherri, and has an Honors Business Administration from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.


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