Johnson’s Private Equity Concentration consists of five courses adding up to eight credits, available to students in the second half of their first year.

These courses are:

  • NBA 6560 Valuation Principles NBA 5170 Leveraged Buyouts and Structured Finance
  • NBA 5320 Due Diligence for Private Equity (full weekend)
  • NBA 5110 Financial Modeling
  • NBA 5830 Advanced Topics in Valuation
These will be taken along with 3 credits in electives. Recommended for the electives, but not required for the concentration, are:
  • NBA 5330 Management Cases and Problem Solving
  • NBA 5020 Managerial Cost Accounting
In the second year, a large number of courses at Johnson and elsewhere at the university provide further depth in private equity, as well as opportunity for participation in the Private Equity Intensive NBA 5370 (restricted to 12 students), BR Venture Fund (9 students), and the Johnson Private Equity Society. For further information, contact Professor David BenDaniel.