The EII Project Mentors Program is an initiative geared toward creating opportunities for collaboration among students at Johnson and other schools throughout Cornell.

Many courses often require undergraduate students to build companies around technologies developed within the college or by the student teams. Real feedback from students in these classes has indicated that they desire a deeper understanding of the business side of starting a company or commercializing technology, and would like help fleshing out the financial, marketing, and strategy aspects to complement their technologies. 

To help these students develop their companies or tech initiatives, and give Johnson students direct hands-on exposure to exciting technologies, EII is partnering with many of these courses. An EII Project Mentor works with a startup "classroom" team to help the students focus on the most critical business issues, and to guide them as they work through those issues during a semester. It is designed to give business school students a new opportunity to apply their knowledge in real time, gain exposure to the mix of technology and business issues in commercialization, and connect with other schools at Cornell. EII recruits Project Mentors on an as needed basis.  Project Mentors typically spend 1 to 2 hours a week with their student teams.