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Design. Deliver. Impact

What We do

Customized for business and strategic impact

  • Johnson focuses exclusively on our client’s business and strategy needs in designing and delivering educational solutions that drive results. We offer our clients the ability to use education as a lever for change in moving their organization forward by increasing their people’s capabilities. We use a client’s real business projects in action learning to enhance the applicability of the education.

Delivered as an integrated process through technology

  • Johnson aims to deliver education that makes learning a process rather than an individual event. We incorporate various technologies and methodologies to enhance the learning process for our participants throughout their journey.

Utilizing a broad educator network

  • By focusing on the learning outcomes of our clients, Johnson has the capacity to offer the best educators to fit individual learning needs. We utilize a network made up of Johnson faculty, Cornell University faculty and educators from our larger network to customize the program.

Amplified by partnerships that matter

  • Johnson is proud to partner with other universities, academic institutions and learning organizations to broaden the depth of our offerings for our clients and learners. Our learning capabilities have grown through our partnerships in new geographies and industries that help serve our clients in a better way.

Connecting our world and one another

  • Johnson strives to design and deliver educational programs that are helping to connect organizations around the world as they grow globally.