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Apr 17

Written by: Camilla Morgan
4/17/2014 3:58 PM  RssIcon

Both Executive MBA programs at Cornell start in the summer.  We only have one start date per year for our programs.  So, if you would like to start one of our programs this year, I recommend applying soon.

The Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA Program starts in late June or early July, depending upon your location.  (For the specifics related to your region, check out the program schedule.)  And, due to the boardroom nature of this program, we have a limited number of seats in each region.  Consequently, we strongly recommend that anyone interested in starting this program apply by mid-May.  Depending upon your location, we may have some flexibility related to this date, but to be safe, please consider applying by then, if not before.

The Cornell Executive MBA Program starts about a month later, in late July.  (For more details, take a look at the program schedule.)  While this program does start later, it also has a limited number of seats.  We recommend applying for this program as soon as possible, preferably by the end of May.  Applying in this timeframe should ensure that we have seats remaining when you apply.

There are many reasons why it is advisable to apply as early as possible.  You will have to get ready to start the program and your preparation could include completing any of the following tasks:
  • Securing funding with your organization or through student loans
  • Planning to take time off during the residential sessions that come at the beginning of both of our programs
  • Completing program pre-work - depending upon your program, this could including working through self-paced preparation modules, reading cases, or completing self-assessments
  • Networking with your new classmates
  • Taking a vacation or spending extra time with family

Please contact our office anytime with questions about application timing.  If you decide to apply after one of these recommended deadlines, feel free to reach out and ask if we are still accepting applications.  Our admissions counselors can give you a status, as well as tips on how to accelerate the timing of your application.


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