Faculty in the Media

Jul 01 2015

'Let IIMs Flourish On Their Own,' Says Dean of Cornell Business School
Outlet: NDTV India - Online -  Dean Soumitra Dutta

Jul 01 2015

Kale, Podcasts & Yoga Pants: The Secret Formula Behind Ideas That Take Off
Outlet: HubSpot Blogs - Jonah Berger, Cornell Tech and CEMBA Metro

Jul 01 2015

The Whole Story: Factors + Asset Classes
Outlet: Morningstar - Andrea Karolyi

Jun 30 2015

Good Science Depends on the Replication of Findings
Outlet: Wall Street Journal Online -  Prof. Thomas R. Dyckman    

Jun 26 2015

Brazil's Own Too-Big-to-Fail Puzzle Seen in Billionaire Builders
Outlet: Bloomberg News - Online - Lourdes Casanova

Jun 25 2015

Convening Thought Leaders in Tourism
Outlet: World Bank - Mark Milstein

Jun 25 2015

Convening Thought Leaders in Tourism
Outlet: World Bank - Mark Milstein, Director, Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise

Jun 24 2015

Regulatory Arbitrage and Cross-Border Bank Acquisitions
Outlet: The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation - Andrew Karolyi

Jun 24 2015

Promoting menu excitement
Warren Ellish was quoted in an article today in Nations Restaurant News on promoting menu excitement and the role of LTO’s (Limited Time promotional Offers).

Jun 24 2015

Where Have All the Public Companies Gone?
Outlet: BloombergView - Andrew Karolyi

Jun 23 2015

13 Secrets to Success from Serial Entrepreneurs
Outlet: BusinessNewsDaily - Jason Hogg

Jun 19 2015

Navigating the Ever Unsettling World of Emerging Markets
Professor Andrew Karolyi writes for Brink on assessing risk when investing in emerging economies.

Jun 19 2015

Top-50 MBA Taps Risa Mish as Best Professor
Poets and Quants' Top-50 MBA student calls Risa Mish "One of the most influential and engaging professors I have had in my life."

Jun 18 2015

Pope Francis: climate, economics, and values
Outlet: American Public Media - Online - Professor Maureen O'Hara

Jun 14 2015

Ivy league Cornell University advanced leadership program in Colombo
Johnson's Mike Hostetler will be teaching an advanced leadership program in Hong Kong as well as Columbo.

Jun 09 2015

Six Lessons in Critical Thinking from a Professional Critical Thinker
Outlet: Huffington Post - ...Risa Mish, Professor of Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Leadership

Jun 02 2015

General George Casey: Bringing the lessons learnt in military to business
General George Casey shares how his war experiences have helped him in the business world.

May 31 2015

The Impact of Leadership
Kathleen O'Connor discusses the impact of leadership.

May 28 2015

Financing Payouts
Outlet: Th Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulations, Roni Michaely, Professor of Finance

May 27 2015

You won't believe the $%#! you've been eating
Mark Milstein is mentioned in this story pertaining to a number of major fast-food chains and food companies recently announcing healthier practices.

May 23 2015

U.S. middle class between a rock and a hard place
Johnson's Robert Frank discusses the shrinking middle class.

May 12 2015

The rise and rise of Jorge Paulo Lemann
Lourdes Casanova speaks of Jorge Paulo Lemann, “The culture that he put in all his companies is an obsession to increase the profit margin… that was new in Brazil, because in Latin America, very often [the] labour cost is not that high, so the search for efficiency comes from cheap labour costs. The...

May 11 2015

Book ranks emerging markets by risk to investors
In his new book, “ Cracking the Emerging Markets Enigma ,” Andrew Karolyi, Cornell professor of finance, takes a first-of-its-kind look at the fundamental risks associated in investing in what are called “emerging” foreign markets.

May 06 2015

Flash Crash: Could It Happen Again? Maureen O'Hara Tells the BBC
Finance Professor Maureen O'Hara explains the causes of the Flash Crash of 2010, and how to prevent a recurrence.