Faculty in the News

May 16 2016

SMU Athletics: The business of sports
Outlet: Daily Campus - Online - Robert Frank

May 16 2016

Wisdom, Failure and What Would Mom Do?
Outlet: Bloomberg News Online - Robert Frank

May 13 2016

Interview With Robert Frank: Masters in Business (Audio)
Outlet: Bloomberg News Online - Robert Frank

May 09 2016

Nobody knows anything, including you
Outlet: Telegram & Gazette - Robert Frank

May 06 2016

We know nuthin', so count on your luck
Outlet: Sydney Morning Herald Online, The - Robert Frank

May 04 2016

What Do Insiders Know?
Outlet: Harvard Law School Forum - Roni Michaely

May 03 2016

Cornell faculty to expand sustainability conversation
Outlet: Cornell Chronicle - Online - Wes Sine

Apr 28 2016

Minimum Wage & Employment Rates
Outlet: Houston Chronicle Online/chron.com - Robert Frank

Apr 28 2016

As Valeant Tumbles, So Does Billionaire's Hedge Fund Herd
Outlet: New York Times, The - Andrew Karolyi

Apr 19 2016

The Atlantic 's May Issue: The Money Report
Outlet: Yahoo News - Robert Frank

Apr 17 2016

The Brasília Consensus: Looking for a Second Wind | The World Financial Review
Outlet: World Financial Review, The - Lourdes Cassanova

Apr 15 2016

Claims Apple has slashed handset production for another quarter
Outlet: MailOnline UK - Murilla Campello

Apr 14 2016

Why Believing in Luck Makes You a Better Person
Outlet: New York Online - Robert H. Frank

Apr 14 2016

Why Luck Matters More than You Might Think
Professor Robert Frank's article in The Atlantic , is the online version of the magazine's most popular story. Frank's article is adapted from his new book, "Success and Luck: Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy." 

Apr 13 2016

A Host of Opportunity, with Board Games
Outlet: Cheap Hosting Directory - Robert Bloomfield

Apr 12 2016

Is Your Team In 'Psychological Danger'?
Outlet: Forbes Online - Kathleen O'Connor

Apr 05 2016

Three Ways Women Can Boost Their Chances Of Success In Business
Outlet: Forbes Online - Kathleen O'Connor

Apr 01 2016

Going Public Loses Its Allure
Research by Johnson's Andrew Karolyi is featured by the Financial Times

Mar 24 2016

Not all communities benefit equally from pollution mitigation
Outlet: Cornell Chronicle - Online - Glen Dowell

Mar 23 2016

Johnson's Dean Dutta Talks In-Depth on Nations' Innovation Capacity
Dean Soumitra Dutta, co-author of the Global Innovation Index, shares insights on why some nations out innovate others with the Credit Suisse Bulletin .