Faculty in the News

Nov 25 2015

A Day in the Life of the Dean: Vision, Performance, Compassion
Johnson Dean Soumitra Dutta talks to Cornell Business Journal about his vision, priorities, and what it's like to be dean. 

Nov 17 2015

Why Mega Firms Like Apple can Charge What They Please, with Prof. Roni Michaely
Johnson Finance Professor Roni Michaely talks to U.S. News & World Report about his research on the declining number of public firms and the impact on consumer prices. 

Nov 16 2015

NALP announces education partnership with Cornell University - Lawn & Landscape
Outlet: Lawn & Landscape Online - Risa Mish and Allan Filipowicz

Nov 16 2015

Why Your New iPhone Costs an Arm and a Leg
Outlet: U.S. News & World Report - Roni Michaely

Oct 28 2015

Why I Don't Listen to What My Employees Tell Me
Outlet: New York Observer Online - James Detert

Oct 28 2015

Amazon Is Being Sued by Ex-Delivery Workers Who Claim They Weren't Contractors
Outlet: Denver Post Online, The - Steven Gal

Oct 24 2015

Why Aren't Social Media Delivering Democracy?
Dana Radcliffe, Day Family Senior Lecturer of Business Ethics, writes in the Huffington Post. 

Oct 23 2015

Ready, Set, Go: Strategic Advice for Early Holiday Shoppers
Outlet: NBC News Online - Randy Allen

Oct 16 2015

Are Mutual Funds Losing Best Managers To Hedge Funds?
Outlet: MSN Money US (en) - Andrew Karolyi

Oct 13 2015

Leaders meet in Peru on climate change, global economy
Outlet:  CCTV-America - Andrew Karolyi

Oct 12 2015

Available Articles | Liddy, Stormon among the winners at inaugural Upstate Venture Ecosystem Awards
Outlet: Central New York Business Journal Online, The - Zach Shulman

Oct 01 2015

Zalaznick awards support course expansion, TAs
Outlet: Cornell Chronicle - Online - David BenDaniel, Tom Schryver, Wes Sine

Sep 29 2015

La innovación en Latinoamérica
Outlet - el Nuevo Herald - Dean Soumitra Dutta

Sep 29 2015

Andres Oppenheimer: Latin America’s innovation drama
Outlet - Miami Herald - Dean Soumitra Dutta and GII

Sep 21 2015

Supermarkets/mom and pops battle in emerging markets
Outlet: PHYS.ORG - Vithala Rao  

Sep 17 2015

Global Innovation Index 2015
Outlet: Intellectual Property Organization - Dean Soumitra Dutta

Sep 13 2015

Wild Trading Exposed Flaws in ETFs
Outlet: Wall Street Journal Online - Maureen O'Hara

Sep 10 2015

5 Ways Companies Can Prepare Their Supply Chains for El Niño
Outlet: Yahoo! Finance (UK) - William Schmidt

Sep 10 2015

35 Bonds That Are Better Investments Than The Best Apple Inc. Bond - NYSE (NYSE0001) News
Outlet: Investorpoint.com - Prof. Robert A. Jarrow