Faculty in the News

Jul 06 2016

Seven Countries Emerging as Frontrunners in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Outlet: World Economic Forum - Soumitra Dutta

Jul 01 2016

Is Canada's economy breaking free of its ‘staples trap'?
Outlet: Globe and Mail Online, The - Soumitra Dutta

Jun 29 2016

Does the Market Value CEO Styles?
Outlet: Th Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation - Luo Zuo

Jun 29 2016

Everybody Likes Coupons … Except When They Make You Work - Knowledge@Wharton
Outlet: Knowledge@Wharton - Young-Hoon Park

Jun 27 2016

The 4 Things You Must Do Before You Hire a Friend
Outlet: Fortune Online - Tom Schyrver

Jun 26 2016

Island, tower, town hall: the new MBA campus
Outlet: FT.com - Cornell Tech

Jun 20 2016

Disclosure of Specialty Bias Shown to Impact Treatment Outcomes
Outlet: MedPage Today - Sunita Sah

Jun 13 2016

What is the future of telecommunications in Latin America?
Outlet: World Economic Forum - Lourdes Casanova

Jun 13 2016

Why are so few of the world's biggest companies from Latin America?
Outlet: World Economic Forum - Lourdes Casanova

Jun 09 2016

Cornell's Johnson School Becomes Latest Leading B-School to Name a New Dean
Outlet: Beat The GMAT - Dean Mark Nelson

Jun 09 2016

How higher taxes will make the rich happier
Outlet: Los Angeles Times Online - Robert Frank

Jun 08 2016

Cornell names new dean of Johnson School
Outlet: Ithaca Journal Online - Dean Mark Nelson

May 25 2016

UPDATE: Successful? Admit that you're also lucky
Outlet: Morningstar StockInvestor Online - Robert Frank

May 16 2016

SMU Athletics: The business of sports
Outlet: Daily Campus - Online - Robert Frank

May 16 2016

Wisdom, Failure and What Would Mom Do?
Outlet: Bloomberg News Online - Robert Frank

May 13 2016

Interview With Robert Frank: Masters in Business (Audio)
Outlet: Bloomberg News Online - Robert Frank

May 09 2016

Nobody knows anything, including you
Outlet: Telegram & Gazette - Robert Frank

May 06 2016

We know nuthin', so count on your luck
Outlet: Sydney Morning Herald Online, The - Robert Frank

May 04 2016

What Do Insiders Know?
Outlet: Harvard Law School Forum - Roni Michaely

May 03 2016

Cornell faculty to expand sustainability conversation
Outlet: Cornell Chronicle - Online - Wes Sine

Apr 28 2016

Minimum Wage & Employment Rates
Outlet: Houston Chronicle Online/chron.com - Robert Frank