Michael J. Fry
Visiting Associate Professor of Operations Management at Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
Michael Fry's main research interests are in applying analytical models to supply chain management. He investigates problems related to inventory control and logistics operations. Professor Fry is also interested in using quantitative models to analyze public policy operations and decision making in sports. In these areas, he has examined such diverse issues as the administration of elections, workforce staffing for emergency responders, and team drafts in professional sports leagues. His papers have appeared in journals such as Operations Research, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Naval Research Logistics, Transportation Science, the European Journal of Operational Research, and Interfaces. His work has also been mentioned in the popular press in BusinessWeek, USA Today, and other outlets. Fry has consulted for a variety of organizations, including Boeing Aircraft, Procter & Gamble, Starbucks Coffee Company, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Cincinnati Fire Department, and the Hamilton County Board of Elections. He is currently on leave from the Department of Quantitative Analysis & Operations Management at the University of Cincinnati.