Professor Eugene Arthur Fitzgerald Jr

Professor Eugene Arthur Fitzgerald Jr

Visiting Professor of Operations Management at Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management

Eugene Fitzgerald, who holds a concurrent position as a visiting professor in Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell's College of Engineering, is involved in Johnson's Business of Science and Technology Initiative, a novel industry-to-university interface for the acceleration of industrial innovation, the creation of an application-rich environment for universities and the training of next generation innovators.

Fitzgerald's technology interests include electronic materials, novel semiconductor heterostructures and devices, and heteromaterial integration. He has a strong interest in the process of commercializing fundamental technology advances; he currently has 28 issued U.S. patents and several others pending. In 1998, he founded AmberWave LLC, which became Amberwave Systems Corporation in 1999. He has previously held positions as director, chairman of the board, and chairman emeritus at AmberWave.

From 1989-1994, Fitzgerald performed research at AT&T Bell Laboratories in the area of semiconductors and devices. He was named associate professor in MIT's Materials Science and Engineering Department in 1994, and received a Lord Foundation Career Development Chair in 2000. In 1999, he became an SMA fellow in the Singapore-MIT Alliance. He became a full professor at MIT in 2000, and received his current chair in 2003.

Currently part of the founding team of Contour Semiconductor, Fitzgerald is also founder of Paradigm Research, LLC. The author and co-author of more than 150 technical papers, Fitzgerald has served on the editorial board of Materials Science and Engineering Reports since 1995, and in 2003 he was elected to the board of the Materials Research Society.

Fitzgerald received a BS in materials science and engineering from MIT, and a PhD in the same discipline from Cornell University.


Visiting Professor of Operations Management
Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
July 2006 - Present


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