Vrinda Kadiyali

Vrinda Kadiyali

Nicholas H. Noyes Professor of Management
Professor of Marketing and Economics

448 Sage Hall
Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-6201
Phone: 607-255-1985

Professor Kadiyali's research is on firms' competitive strategies. She uses econometric models of game theory to study firm competition. She has published in leading marketing and economics journals like Marketing Science, Management Science, Rand Journal of Economics, and Journal of Econometrics. She has served on editorial boards and refereed for several leading marketing and economics journals and organizations. She currently teaches the Strategy core in various programs. Previously, she taught courses on Internet marketing, channels of distribution, marketing models, as well as several PhD courses.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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Published Papers

Working Papers

  • Kadiyali, Vrinda; Sriram, S. .  "Accounting for Horizontal and Vertical Competition in Market Power Measurement"

  • Bao, Tony ; Kadiyali, Vrinda; Shin, Jiwoong .  "Are Online User-generated Product Ratings Informative?"

  • Conlin, M. ; Kadiyali, Vrinda.  "Capacity and Collusion in the Texas Lodging Industry"

  • Kadiyali, Vrinda.  "Competitive Pricing and Advertising in the Photo Film Industry 1987-98: An Empirical Study of the Implications of Strategic Marketing Decisions for Public Policy"

  • Kadiyali, Vrinda; Neelamegham, Ramya ; Srinivasaraghavan, S. .  "Determinants and Effects of Price Expectations in Retail Competition: An Econometric Analysis"

  • Bao, Tong Tony ; Gupta, Sachin; Kadiyali, Vrinda.  "Modeling Endogenous Social Effects: A Study of M.B.A. Student Summer Internship Application Choices"

  • Bar, Talia; Kadiyali, Vrinda; Zussman, Asaf.  "Online Posting of Teaching Evaluations"

  • Foutz, Natasha ; Kadiyali, Vrinda.  "Preannouncement Behavior and Release Timing in the U.S. Movie Industry"

  • Kadiyali, Vrinda; Venkataraman, Sriram .  "Price-Location Links in Consumer and Competitive Choices: An Application of the Generalized Nested Logit"

  • Mukherjee, Anirban; Kadiyali, Vrinda.  "The Competitive Dynamics of DVD Release Timing and Pricing"

  • Chan, Tat Y.; Kadiyali, Vrinda; Park, Young-Hoon.  "The Exercise of Buy-It-Now Pricing in Auctions: Seller Revenue Implications"

  • Kadiyali, Vrinda; Narayan, Vishal; Puranam, Dinesh.  "The Impact of Calorie Posting on Consumer Opinions: A Flexible Latent Dirichlet Allocation Model with Informative Priors"

  • Fowdur, Lona ; Kadiyali, Vrinda; Narayan , Vishal .  "The Impact of Emotional Product Attributes on Consumer Demand: An Application to the U.S. Motion Picture Industry"

  • Kadiyali, Vrinda; Narayan, Vishal; Puranam, Dinesh.  "The Impact of Market Disruption on Consumer Experience: When Uber Comes to Town"

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