Ya-Ru Chen

Ya-Ru Chen

Nicholas H. Noyes Professor of Management
Professor of Management and Organizations

346 Sage Hall
Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-6201
Phone: 607-255-1974

Professor Chen's research focuses on cross-cultural differences and similarities in employees' behaviors and attitudes. She has compared the ways in which employees in different cultures react to performance feedback, relate to their own groups and other groups, and negotiate with their business counterparts. Her recent work examines how employees obtain, maintain, and experience status and power in their different cultural environments, and in globally diverse settings. She also looks at how power and/or status concerns affect leadership effectiveness and influence business interactions across cultures.

Chen has been published extensively in leading psychology and management journals, including Psychological Review, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Administrative Science Quarterly, Management Science, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, and Organization Science. Prior to joining Johnson, she was on the faculty at the Stern School of New York University and Rutgers Business School. Professor Chen also has extensive experience in senior executive education around the world.

Chen earned her PhD in psychology from Columbia University. Her work received the Best Paper Award from the Organization Behavior Division of the Academy of Management in 2002 and the Best Micro Best Paper Award at the International Association of Chinese Management Research in 2008. She was the recipient of the Thousand Talent Award in management by the Central Organization Department in China in 2014. She was or has been on the editorial boards of the Academy of Management Review, the Management and Organization Review, Organization Science, and Administrative Science Quarterly.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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Accepted Papers

  • Zhao, G; Chen, Ya-Ru; Brockner, J..  "What Influences How Procedurally Fair Managers Are toward Their Subordinates? The Role of Subordinate Trustworthiness"  Journal of Experimental Social Psychology  (Accepted)

Published Papers

Working Papers

  • Zhang, Y.; Chen, Ya-Ru; Brewer, M.; Yoon, H.J..  "Different Strokes for Different Folks: Differentiating Personalized, Depersonalized, and Individuated Work Styles across China and the U.S."

  • Reitman, L.; Blader, S.; Chen, Ya-Ru.  "Justice from Above and Below: The Moderating Effect of Relative Rank on Procedural Justice Reactions"

  • Blader, S.; Shirako, A.; Chen, Ya-Ru.  "Looking out from the Top: Differential Effects of Status and Power on Perspective Taking"

  • Zhao, G.; Chen, Ya-Ru; Blader, S..  "When Hierarchical Values Collide: Effects of Power Distance (In)congruence on Supervisor-Subordinate Relations"

  • Chen, Ya-Ru; Zhao, G.  "When Leaders Lack Internal Serenity: Effects of Self-Esteem and Organizational Status on Trust in the Followers and Procedural Justice"

Scholarly Books

Book Chapters

  • Chen, Ya-Ru; Silberzahn, R; Yoon, H J, (accepted), Beyond Cross-National Comparisons: Unpacking Interactions across National Cultures, in Research in Managing Groups and Teams: Looking Back, Moving Forwards: A Review of Group and Team-Based Research, eds M.A. Neale, E.A. Mannix, Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

  • Chen, Ya-Ru; Blader, S.; Ridgeway, C., (accepted), The World is NOT Flat: Power and Status Dynamics across Cultures, in Research in Organizational Behavior, eds B. Staw & A. Brief, Elsevier.

  • Chen, Ya-Ru; Zhao, G.; Lee, J., 2011, Support for a Manager or a Leader? Toward a Relational vs. Collective Distinction of Procedural Justice, in Social Cognition, Social Identity, and Intergroup Relations: A Festschrift in Honor of Marilynn B. Brewer, eds R. Kramer, G. J. Leonardelli, and R. W. Livingston, Psychology Press.

  • Chen, Ya-Ru, 2006, National Culture and Groups: An Introduction, in Research on Managing Groups and Teams: National Culture and Groups, eds Mannix, E.A., M.A. Neale, & Y.Chen, Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

  • Hernandez, Morela; Chen, Ya-Ru; Wade-Benzoni, Kimberly A, 2006, Toward an Understanding of Psychological Distance Reduction Between Generations: A Cross-cultural Perspective, in Research on managing groups and teams: National culture and groups, eds E.A. Mannix, M.A. Neale, & Y.Chen, Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

  • Chen, Ya-Ru, 2005, The Importance of Being a Big Fish versus Being in a Big Pond: Effects of Intra-Group Status versus Inter-Group Status across Cultures, in Research on Managing Groups and Teams: Status and Groups, eds M.A. Neale, E.A. Mannix, & M. Thomas-Hunt, Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

  • Chen, Ya-Ru; Blount, Sally; Sanchez-Burks, Jeffrey, 2004, The Role of Status in Group Synchronization, in Research on Managing Groups and Teams: Time and Groups, eds M.A. Neale, E.A. Mannix, & S. Blount, Emerald Group Publishing Limited.