Single Initiative or Event Sponsorship (Spring)

Corporate Investment varies by Event

Destination Johnson ($5,000-$60,000)
Participate in the school’s weekend-long admitted students yield event, held in April. It is an opportunity for admitted students to meet one another, get a feel for the school and make final matriculation decisions.  We ask a few key companies to sponsor and participate in the programming.  Corporate representation may include specific meals or events, and/or featured corporate panelists and participants depending on level of sponsorship

Immersion Learning Courses for first year students ($5,000 - $10,000)
Most of our first year students immerse themselves in a particular area of interest. This is an opportunity to build visibility with a targeted group of students and faculty and to build a stronger relationship with the school. 

Opportunities exist to host class treks and make class presentations as well:
  • Managerial Finance Immersion
  • Investment Banking Immersion
  • Capital Markets and Asset Management Immersion
  • Strategic Brand Management Immersion
  • Semester in Strategic Operations Immersion
  • Sustainable Global Enterprise Immersion