The Career Management Center (CMC) stands ready to assist with off-campus recruitment to:

  • augment full-time MBA campus recruitment at off-cycle times
  • match Executive MBAs and alumni with more senior-level talent needs
  • connect with Johnson talent when visiting campus is not feasible

In addition to traditional recruiting services, we are happy to discuss upcoming events for non-traditional activities in which you might want to participate. These include the New York City Interview Forum and West Coast Interview Forum in San Francisco. If you are interested in options beyond those listed below, please contact the CMC at or (607) 255-4888.

Resume Books

Top candidates can be identified through the Johnson resume book which is available through a searchable online database. You may use resume information to invite students to briefings or to participate in an interview. Employers who are not able to recruit on-campus may contact students directly for follow-up. The resume book can be searched by industry, job function, geographic preference, prior work experience, education, or work authorization.

Second-year resume books (Class of 2016) and first-year resume books (Class of 2017) will be available September 3, 2015. All orders can be placed at our online order webpage.

Classes of 2016 & 2017 – Student Resume Database (single-user license) $350.00
Class of 2016 – Online Access Only (single-user license) $225.00
Class of 2017 – Online Access Only (single-user license) $225.00
Experienced Hire Resume Database (EMBA and Alumni) $50.00
Complete Online Resume Database (second-year, first-year, Executive MBA, Alumni) $400.00


Johnson owns a PictureTel video system and Polycom View Station. Any company with compatible technology can use this method for conducting interviews. To arrange videoconference interview schedules, contact your corporate account manager. For further information regarding technical issues and to reserve equipment, please email