Full-time positions

Interviews for full-time positions are conducted from mid-October through November and again from late January through March. The corporate account manager begins scheduling company events in mid-April for the following academic year. Priority is given to Johnson Corporate Partners and other schedules are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

Summer internships

On-campus recruiting for summer interns begins in late January and ends in March. Recruiting MBA students for summer internships provides a wonderful opportunity to raise your company's profile among students. Interns come with a solid grounding in quantitative and communications skills developed in the first-year core curriculum. Our performance learning curriculum uniquely prepares first-year students during intense, second semester immersions. Successful internships are structured as independent projects that can be completed in three months, or as a structured series of shorter-term assignments.

Open and Closed Schedules

Open Schedules
Open-for-all interview schedules allow you to interview students who demonstrate the strongest interest in your company by signing up for an empty slot. Students will sign up on a first come first serve basis for an open available interview slot.

Closed Schedules
Closed interview schedules allow you to select only those students you wish to interview. You may select candidates for closed schedules by one or more of the following methods:

  • From résumés collected through the CMC
  • From students that you, or other company representatives, have met at events
  • From the online résumé database

If your company chooses to conduct a closed schedule, you must provide the CMC with the names of students you have selected to interview as well as alternates. Deadlines for submitting your closed-list selections are shown on the on-campus recruiting calendar.

You will receive an email notification confirming your visit with the CMC. You will also receive a schedule with the names of students you will be interviewing approximately three business days before the interviews. Should you have questions or would like verbal confirmation please connect with your Corporate Account Manager.