Renege and Offer Policies

Offer Policy for All Employers

Employers should allow students enough time to make thoughtful decisions. We ask that you do not urge students to make early decisions.


Students should be given a minimum of six weeks (or until December 5, whichever is later) to respond to an offer of full-time employment. This guideline applies whether the students receive their offers through on-campus recruiting, MBA conferences, personal outreach, or from summer internships.


On-campus internship interviewing takes place in January and February.  For on-campus recruiting, companies should give students three weeks (or until February 14, whichever is later) to respond to an internship offer.

Some companies make internship offers through various MBA conferences and summer camps.  For internship offers that are given during the summer or fall, students should have until December 5 to respond to the offer.

These guidelines are in effect unless both parties agree to an alternative date.

The CMC does not condone the use of exploding offers.

Internship Offer Policy for Investment Banks

  • First-round interviews for investment banks that want to interview during the first week of internship recruiting are scheduled between January 21 and January 24. Students are required to interview for all first-round interviews for which they sign up.
  • Second-round interviews will take place on January 24 in Ithaca. No second rounds may be scheduled in NYC during this first week of interviews.
  • Since some banks opt to hold their first rounds the following week, please schedule NYC second rounds for Friday, January 31. No offers for summer internships will be made before 5:00 p.m. on January 24.
  • Students will be given 10 business days or until February 7 to make a decision about accepting an offer.
  • The CMC does not condone the use of exploding offers.

Johnson Policy on Reneging Job Offers
Johnson views any student reneging on an offer as an extremely serious violation of policy. A student that reneges on an offer is required to meet with the Director of the Career Management Center to be referred to the Johnson Hearing Board for recommendation of penalties for the student. Reneging on an offer can result in loss of all CMC services for the remainder of the student's time at Johnson, and exclusion from all alumni services for one full year after graduation. Likewise, any company that rescinds an offer is barred from on-campus recruiting for one full recruiting year.