How to Use the Johnson Talent System

Submitting On-Campus Recruiting requests for 2015-2016

The following describes the basic steps for requesting your 2015-2016 on-campus recruiting and corporate briefing dates. We hope you will find the new Johnson Talent System intuitive and easy to use and welcome your feedback.

  1. After accessing the web page from the supplied url you will log on as a “First Time User” and create a new account.jts_image_01
  2. Agree to the Terms and Conditions of MBA Focus.jts_image_02
  3. Create your account as described below. Please note that a unique email address is required as it serves as your user identifier.
  4. Find your company information. All companies who are accessing this system should have their company already listed. If you cannot find your company please contact your Corporate Account Manager rather than adding a new company.
  5. The contact information that we have on file will appear. Please take a moment to update the information if necessary. This is your unique contact record and we want to make sure its accurate.
  6. After you have reviewed, updated, and saved the information on your Contact Profile you will be taken to the Employer Dashboard. From this point on, every time you log into the Johnson Talent System you will start from the Employer Dashboard.
  7. Please proceed to the On-Campus Recruiting-Add New OCR Request. Please review all five information bullets before proceeding to making your requests.
    1. You may request on-campus recruitment dates for either MBA II’s (Fall) or MBA I’s (Spring). Please note that you will need to do each as a separate request.
    2. You will also be able to request a briefing (presentation) date (see item #8 for more details)
    3. After you select the OCR type for an interview you will open a request form. Please fill in all the fields so that we have the information we need to proceed. Since many fields are required and you will not be able to save your request without completing the fields, you may want to have all this information in advance. However, if you are not sure of all the details you can change your request anytime before recruiting begins.
    4. Please note:  All on-campus recruiting requires a “Resume Submission Via System” so please check that box. If you would prefer to have any of the other options in addition to submitting through the Johnson Talent System you may also select the other boxes.
    5. Regarding work authorization: The Career Management Center’s policy is to all allow students to submit resumes through our system. Your work authorization requirements will be included in the job description and we will advise students to abide by them, but we will not prevent non-US Work Authorized candidates from submitting a resume. It has been our experience that employers appreciate the opportunity to review the entire candidate pool.
    6. After reviewing the resumes you may contact us and we will be able to tell you which of the candidates that you have chosen have US Work Authorization.
  8. Your new request will be added to your On-Campus Request tab. You may add additional requests from this page and you may want to request your on-campus briefing dates at this time by selecting the Single Company event + sign which allows you to add a new request.
  9. If you prefer to complete a request for your on-campus briefing dates at a later date, you may also access the request from the dashboard. 
  10. You will have a separate form to fill out for your briefing request. Please note carefully: 
    1. Although we include Club Events on this form, it is for our information only and we cannot confirm Club Events. You will need to make separate arrangements with the Club leadership. Information about club leaders can be found at: Club Info
    2. Please read the details for each entry which explains how we will use the information you provide.
  11. After you have submitted your requests they will all be listed on the Outstanding tab of the OCR Requests page. When your request has been confirmed you will receive an email confirmation and your request will be moved to the Confirmed tab. Please review the details of your request. If you need to change any of these details please contact your corporate account manager.