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Dec 18

Written by: Johnson Admissions Team
12/18/2012 9:00 PM  RssIcon

Thank you to all who submitted an application to us in round 1.  As most of you know, we moved to a paperless system this year and this transition had unexpected challenges.  Our reader form was not designed correctly and this caused a major delay for us.  Because I never want to sacrifice the time and accuracy to each application, we held off reading through October in hopes that when all staff returned and the reader form corrected, we would get through round 1 and honor our notification date.

I can tell you that we have read and reviewed all applications.  There are some applications where we are still trying to contact and set up an interview with you.  Anyone being interviewed as of December 18th will now be considered on a rolling basis.  As we receive the interview evaluation and your file fully complete, the Adcom will meet to make a final decision and notifying you within 48 hours of your interview.  We will do this until all round 1 interviews are complete and receive a final decision.

Please note - Cornell University is closed for our winter holiday break from December 22nd through January 1st.  This puts our momentum for round 1 somewhat on hold, but happily will resume on January 2nd when the office will reopen.

I sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as we have underwent a major change in our process and would only want to serve our applicants well by making sure all effort is made in consideration of your candidacy.

Congratulations to those who have received the exciting call of your offer!  We look forward to adding more to the Class of 2015 in the coming weeks.


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Re: Round 1 Update

Thank you to all for your positive responses during this time for us. To clarify, we had ALL applications read by the deadline and only awaiting interviews to be conducted. We are winding down final decisions on these applications as readers have been moving on with round 2.

By Christine Sneva on   1/7/2013 9:54 PM

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