Academic Preparation

Recommended Reading

Core Accounting

Completion of advance work (to be completed before arriving at Cornell) is required for students without a recent accounting background. The pace of the course will be very difficult for those students who have not done so. If you have never taken a Financial Accounting course, or your course was not taken recently, there are two options that former students have found useful.

1. Purchase a highly discounted version of the text we will be using in the class directly from the publisher. This includes a loose-leaf copy of the book with binder, as well as a registration card for the online services called Connect ™. You can work on the assigned exercises using Connect ™ which will provide feedback as you work each exercise. Follow these steps if you choose this option:

Purchase the text directly from the publisher by clicking here:

Then use the registration card included with the text and Register your copy of Connect™

Then start your assignments. The exercises and problems are at the back of each chapter or may be completed on Connect ™ :
Read Chapter 1. Complete E1-3 and E1-11.
Read Chapter 2. Complete E2-5 and E2-7.
Read Chapter 3. Complete E3-7 and P3-2.
Read Chapter 4. Complete E4-7 and E4-9.
Read Chapter 5. Complete P5-2 and P5-6.

Alternatively, you can work them with pencil and paper based on the hard-copy text.

2. Purchase or rent Essentials of Accounting by Anthony and Breitner, 11th or 10th edition (Pearson) and complete at least the first 6 chapters. The online content is not necessary. This is not the text that will be used in class.

Core Strategy

Our Core Strategy course has no required or optional textbook, however, when asked for a reading recommendation for new students, Professors Vrinda Kadiyali and Henry Schneider point to the book Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter as the best preparatory reading for their course.

Recommended Reading for All courses and students

All students should be reading The Wall Street Journal and other business publications such as the Financial Times, Fortune and Business Week on a regular basis; classes at Johnson often refer heavily to the daily business press and a working knowledge of major events and activities in business and finance is necessary for all students.

Full text of The Wall Street Journal is available through the Cornell Library once you have received and activated your Cornell Net ID. The Management Library has provided this screen-capture to demonstrate how to navigate to the Journal.

Core Course Exemption Information

It is possible for incoming students to exempt some core courses. Exemption processes and information differ for each course, but many hold exemption exams during MBA Orientation in August. Review core course exemption information online now and exam dates will be published with the Orientation schedule.