CMC Services

CMC Services

The Career Management Center offers a range of resources and services that complement Johnson's academic curriculum and the career-related activities of student clubs. Here's an overview of what you can expect from our relationship with you in your first year:

Orientation - As soon as you arrive, we will engage you in programs to help you focus on your career goals and to develop the basic skills required for a successful job search.

Industry Day - For a full day during the Orientation program you will be exposed to Johnson alumni working in a broad range of industries and functions. They will talk about their roles and career paths and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and talk with them personally. In a typical Industry Day, over 20 guests represent companies such as L'Oreal, Goldman Sachs, Horizon Wind Energy, American Express, General Electric, and McKinsey.

Fall Programming - Members of the CMC staff offer regular programming to help you practice the skills you'll need to manage your career. We offer workshops in writing resumes and cover letters, networking, conducting off-campus job searches, and using library resources. We are also open to new programming ideas from students who have a particular need or interest.

Mock interviews - All students are required to have two mock interviews if they want to participate in on-campus recruiting. One interview is conducted by NovAspire, a professional coaching firm. These sessions take place in September or October. The other practice interview can take place anytime and is conducted by a volunteer second-year student, a Johnson Alumni, or a staff member.

Career Work Groups - The CMC matches students with similar interests in groups with second-year coaches. Each group of about ten students meets weekly to discuss career-related matters and to practice essential skills, including writing resumes or preparing for interviews. In September we will ask you about your goals and interests in order to place you in the appropriate Career Work Group.

Advising - Eight advisors are available by appointment to help you work through your career-related questions including: how to get started, how to clarify your goals, how to conduct an off-campus job search or how to decide among several offers. The advisors are aligned by function, so students are aligned to career advisors based on their target functions. However,because the advisors have different styles, experiences and personalities, you're encouraged to meet with more than one to hear different points of view.

Resume book

Johnson’s Career Management Center contracts with a third party vendor, MBAFocus, to prepare and distribute résumé databases. Many employers who do not recruit on campus purchase rights to view these databases and will often contact students directly based on the qualities they see in the résumés. All Johnson students are strongly urged to upload one – page résumés to this system. For first year students the upload deadline is in mid – October.

On campus and off-campus recruiting

The CMC staff oversees the on-campus recruiting program. The number of companies visiting Johnson to conduct interviews and/or to make company presentations varies with the job market, ranging from 100-200 each year.

Johnson Talent System

The CMC maintains an integrated online system to manage on-campus recruiting and off-campus job postings. CMC staff will offer training so that you will become adept at using this tool.