MBA Job Search

The MBA Job Search: What to Expect

A Two-Year Residential MBA student's job search has a clear cycle. This quick outline will help you understand the major points of the process:

  • Early September - Early November -- Company representatives come to Johnson to offer briefings. These are typically hour-long overviews of a company's operations, followed by Q&A and a reception. If you're really interested in a company, it's a good idea to prepare a few questions and be prepared to introduce yourself to the speakers. Most speakers are alumni.
  • Early September – Early December – Meet weekly in your career work groups to work on career-related matters.
  • Mid-September - Late October-- The marketing, finance and consulting clubs host events and guest speakers in the early fall. National diversity organizations sponsor Career Fairs in different cities each year in September and October.
  • September and October -- You will participate in a practice interview session led by NovAspire, an executive coaching firm. You should also practice interviews with a second-year student.
  • Early October -- A very good version of your one-page resume should be ready by the first week in October. A third party vendor, MBA Focus, packages these resumes and sells them to employers around the world.
  • Mid- December -- You should be ready to submit resumes for internships that will be filled through on-campus recruiting.
  • Mid-January -- Interviews for internships begin.

Off-campus job searches should begin as soon as you know what you want to do. But be patient; in any given class, about a third of the students who accept internships resulting from off-campus job searches receive their offers in April or May.