New Students

Welcome to our incoming exchange students! We look forward to welcoming you to campus soon.

Before your arrival:

Obtain your I-20 from Johnson

If you require a student visa you must complete the REQUIRED Declaration of Finances form before we will send you your I-20. Send the form and complete documentation to us at:

To complete this form you will need:

  • A scanned copy of your passport and passports for any dependents who will need visas
  • A copy of your most recent paid tuition bill from your home school (exceptions for students from Copenhagen Business School and the Norwegian School of Economics)
  • Documentation that you hold funds equal to living expenses for one semester of the MBA program. Each student must demonstrate that s/he has at least US$ 8,605 to cover living expenses.
  • If you have dependents coming with you,you must add these additional amounts for them:
    Spouse: US$ 6,312
    One Child: US$ 3,342
    Each Additional Child: US$ 2,106
  • Acceptable documentation of assets must be an official account statement that includes your name, the bank’s name, and the amount held in US dollars.

    Acceptable assets to document include a bank certification letter, bank statements for checking or savings accounts or certificates of deposit, or statements of stock accounts or mutual funds except for retirement funds. Do not report or include loans receivable, property deeds, property assessments, gold, or jewelry.

All documents submitted must be in English.

We can only process your Declaration of Finances form once all the required documentation is received. Once processed, we will deliver your I-20 via Federal Express and your credit card will be billed up to $45 for processing and shipping the I-20 as indicated on the I-20 and Declaration of Finances form.

Once received, activate your Cornell University Net ID

Complete Required Cornell University Forms, in To Do List

Health History
ID Card
Bursar Disclosure

Look for housing - these are good resources for short-term, one-semester sublets and rentals:

Cornell Off-campus housing office database (accessible with Net ID)
Ithaca Craigslist

Research Fall 2014 Courses and Classes (may require activated Cornell University Net ID):

Johnson Fall 2014 Course Roster
Cornell University Courses of Study*
Cornell University Fall 2014 Course Roster*

*Note - most schools will require a minimum of 12 credits at Johnson so you should review Johnson courses first then those across Cornell. For specific requirements in terms of credits and coursework, you should consult your home school.

Upon arrival:

Plan to arrive no later than Saturday, August 23rd and attend orientation on the 25th