One Year MBA in Ithaca

Congratulations One-Year MBA Class of 2015! Are you ready for an exhilarating year? We look forward to welcoming you to campus soon.

Be sure to look for housing early. There won't be enough time to keep up with classes and hunt for housing. Check out the housing section for detailed information about Ithaca housing options.

We advise that you arrive in Ithaca early to get settled. Once classes begin you won't have time to get your phone turned on, etc. Your program starts the week of May 5, 2014, so we encourage you to look for a lease start date that will allow you to move in before the week of May 5. If this is not possible, we suggest that you inquire with prospective landlords regarding the ability to move in early on a June 1 lease. Many leases will be advertised with a June 1 start, but there may be flexibility depending on when the current tenant will move out. If the current tenant is not a graduating student, they may be moving out prior to Cornell's commencement weekend (May 23-25, 2014).

Draft Summer Calendar

This draft calendar will help you look ahead to the summer in Ithaca and give you a sense of how you will be spending the coming months, beginning with Orientation and the Leading Teams Core course on Thursday, May 8th and concluding with final exams and deliverables on Tuesday, August 5th. Detailed course schedules and deliverable dates are still being confirmed and we will provide updates as courses, exams, projects and events are scheduled.