Your life at the Johnson begins with an orientation program that many students describe as challenging and content-rich. This fast-paced program will quickly engage you in our intense, highly collaborative community.

All incoming members of the Class of 2016 are expected to be in Ithaca for Orientation Sunday, August 3 through Thursday, August 14; and Core Class, Leading Teams, begins on Tuesday, August 5th and First-half Fall Core Classes begin the morning of Friday, August 15.

Orientation includes exemption exams, overview of expectations and resources, Career Management Center orientation, and social events.


Business Attire

  • 12:00 pm - Check-in begins in the Dyson Atrium, Sage Hall. A light lunch will be provided.
  • 12:00-3:30 pm - Individual photographs will be taken in 131 & 135 Sage Hall.
  • 12:30-1:15 pm - Orientation Overview Session (Last Name A-H) - B09 Sage Hall
  • 1:30-2:15 pm - Orientation Overview Session (Last Name I-P) - B09 Sage Hall
  • 2:30-3:15 pm - Orientation Overview Session (Last Name Q-Z) - B09 Sage Hall
  • 4:00-5:00 pm - Dean's Welcome Address (Families Invited) - G01 Uris Hall
  • 5:00-7:00 pm - Welcome Reception (Families Invited) - Dyson Atrium, Sage Hall

SCHEDULE - Get the Orientation "At-a-Glance" Schedule Here - hard copies will be distributed at check-in.

Orientation Event Details - You will see all the pre-orientation and orientation events listed below, and can click on individual items for more details. You can also set-up a calendar feed using the instructions below.

Partners and Families - Welcome! You are invited to several events and activities during Orientation and throughout the academic year. We hope to see you at the following events:

Partners - To help us get to know you and keep you up-to-date on what is happening at Johnson, please email StudentActivities@johnson.cornell.edu to be added to the list of student partner emails we maintain.

Attire for Orientation - Plan to arrive in Business Attire on August 3 for photographs, the welcome session and reception. You will need to be in Business Casual Attire on August 8 for the Alumni Career events; and Business Casual for the Leading Teams Case Competition Finals on August 13. The rest of Orientation is Casual Attire. You will receive details in advance regarding what to wear and bring for the off-site portion of Leading Teams, Johnson Outdoor Experience, that everyone attends on August 14.

NOTE: We need your t-shirt size and emergency contact information for the the August 14 off-site event. If you have already registered for any Orientation Events (Math Camp, International Orientation, Winery Visit, or Boat Cruise), then we have your information. If you have NOT signed up for any event, please to go this link to provide your t-shirt size and emergency contact information. You can do this without signing up for anything else, and no payment is required.

Orientation Social Events: Don't Miss Out...Sign-up Now!

  • Monday, August 4, 5:45-9:15 pm - Wagner Vineyards. Advance sign-up and payment required. This extremely popular event is an opportunity for social interaction and relaxation. Bring your partner/spouse and join fellow classmates for a local wine tasting. Buses will depart from campus for transportation to one of the Finger Lakes wineries, Wagner Vineyards. At Wagner, you will have the opportunity to sample their signature wines and/or beers. Hors d’oeuvres will be served throughout the evening. In addition, a cash bar serving Wagner’s beer and wine will be available. Buses will leave Wagner at 8:00 and 8:30 PM for the return trip to Ithaca, and arrive back on campus by 9:15 PM. Bring your sunglasses for the beautiful view! Adults only.
  • Sunday, August 10 - Cayuga Lake Cruises. FREE, but advance sign-up required. Join fellow students and their families on a 2-hour cruise of beautiful Cayuga Lake on the M/V Columbia. Please arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to your sailing time. CASH BAR; complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. Cruises depart at 3:00 pm, 5:30 pm, and 8:00 pm. Partners and families welcome.

Set-up a Calendar Feed

You can set-up a feed to your own calendar of all MBAI events from the Johnson Calendar of Events by clicking on the "Subscribe" button just above the calendar on this page. Scroll down to the Group Calendar for MBAI and click on the appropriate calendar type for you. If you have specific questions about the Orientation schedule or calendar feed, please contact us at NewStudents@johnson.cornell.edu.



10/30/2014  8:00am

C and ST Problem Solving Worksheet

10/30/2014  8:40am

Core Classes

10/30/2014  4:15pm

Sage Social: Battle of the Brands

Dyson Atrium, Sage Hall

10/31/2014  9:00pm

Halloween Party - the Johnson edition

Lakewatch Inn


11/2/2014  8:00am

Core Finance Problem Set DUE

11/3/2014  8:00am

CandST Team Position Paper

11/3/2014  8:40am

Core Classes

11/4/2014  8:00am

Finance Team Assignment 1

11/4/2014  8:00am

CandST Team Position Paper

11/4/2014  8:40am

Core Classes

11/4/2014  7:00pm

Johnson Night Out

Various Locations To Be Announced

11/5/2014  8:00am

CandST Team Position Paper

11/6/2014  8:00am

Finance and Strategy DO NOT meet

11/6/2014  8:00am

CandST Team Position Paper

11/6/2014  4:15pm

Sage Social: Pie-in-the-Face

Dyson Atrium

11/7/2014  9:00am

Cornell Entrepreneurship Summit


11/9/2014  8:40am

Finance Midterm REVIEW

11/10/2014  7:30am

Strategy Quiz 2

11/10/2014  8:00am

Strategy DOES NOT meet

11/10/2014  8:40am

Core Classes

11/10/2014  7:15pm


11/11/2014  8:40am

Core Classes

11/11/2014  4:15pm

General Management Association (GMA) 6th General Meeting

Sage Hall -- Room 141

11/11/2014  8:00pm

WMC Dine Around

11/12/2014  8:30am

ALL Critical Thinking Sections: Guest Speaker (Fred Keller)

Statler Hotel Ballroom

11/12/2014  4:00pm

Cornell Entrepreneurship Resources Fair

Sage Hall Atrium

11/13/2014  8:40am

Core Classes

11/13/2014  3:00pm

New York Trek 2014-WMC Registration - Hosted by: The Women’s Management Council and the General Management Association

New York City, NY

11/13/2014  3:00pm

Women's Management Council and General Management Association New York Trek - GMA Registration

New York City, NY

11/13/2014  4:15pm

Sage Social: Military Preview

Dyson Atrium

11/15/2014  7:00pm

Diwali Night 2014

Dyson Atrium, Sage Hall

11/16/2014  8:00am

Core Finance Problem Set DUE

11/17/2014  8:40am

Core Classes

11/17/2014  4:30pm

Durland Lecture: Wendell Weeks, CEO Corning, Inc.

Gates Auditorium

11/18/2014  8:40am

Core Classes

11/18/2014  11:00am

International Exchange Fair

Dyson Atrium, Sage Hall

11/20/2014  7:30am

Strategy Quiz 3

11/20/2014  8:40am

Core Classes

11/20/2014  4:15pm

Sage Social: International Celebration!

Dyson Atrium

11/21/2014  10:00am

JPetS SPCA Volunteer Day

SPCA of Tompkins County

11/23/2014  8:00am

Core Finance Problem Set DUE

11/24/2014  8:00am

Finance Team Assignment 2

11/24/2014  8:40am

Core Classes

11/24/2014  4:00pm

Retail & Luxury Club Meeting

Sage B01

11/25/2014  8:00am

Strategy Team Case

11/25/2014  8:40am

Core Classes

11/26/2014  12:00am

Cornell and Johnson Thanksgiving Break


12/1/2014  8:00am

Thursday Critical Thinking Sections Make-up on M/T

12/1/2014  8:40am

Core Classes

12/2/2014  8:00am

Thursday Critical Thinking Sections Make-up on M/T

12/2/2014  8:40am

Core Classes

12/2/2014  4:30pm

General Management Association (GMA) New Board Elections!

Sage Hall -- Room B05

12/3/2014  8:00am

Citi Integrative Case Competition

12/5/2014  8:00am

Citi Integrative Case Competition: PRESENTATION AND CASE FINALS

12/8/2014  1:00am

Critical and Strategic Thinking Final

12/9/2014  9:00am

Finance Final

12/11/2014  9:00am

Strategy Final

12/15/2014  1:00pm

Johnson's Egypt Trek




1/22/2015  4:15pm

Sage Social: Spring Rally

Dyson Atrium, Sage Hall

1/29/2015  4:15pm

Sage Social: Welcome Law School Students to Sage!

Dyson Atrium, Sage Hall


2/5/2015  4:15pm

Sage Social: Black History Month

Dyson Atrium, Sage Hall

2/14/2015  1:10pm

FEBRUARY BREAK - 2/14 1:10 pm until 2/18 7:30 am

2/26/2015  4:15pm

Sage Social: Cornell Sesquicentennial Celebration!

Dyson Atrium, Sage Hall


3/5/2015  4:15pm

Sage Social: Women's History Month

Dyson Atrium, Sage Hall

3/19/2015  4:15pm

Sage Social: Community Impact Charity Auction

Dyson Atrium, Sage Hall

3/26/2015  4:15pm

Sage Social: Service Leadership Symposium

3/28/2015  1:10pm

SPRING BREAK - Sat. 3/28, 1:10pm thru Mon. 4/6, 7:30am


4/7/2015  4:25pm

Day Family Ethics Speaker - Christine Bader

To be announced

4/9/2015  4:15pm

Sage Social: Gaypril

Dyson Atrium, Sage Hall

4/10/2015  10:00am

Core Leadership Skills for VUCA World (General Casey)

4/11/2015  10:00am

Core Leadership Skills for VUCA World (General Casey)

4/29/2015  6:30pm

Core Leadership Skills for VUCA World (General Casey)

4/30/2015  6:00pm

Leadership Crisis Challenge Case Competition


5/2/2015  10:00am

Core Leadership Skills for VUCA World (General Casey)