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Johnson calls women investors together in Boston, Nov. 18-19


The Parker Center for Investment Research hosts first annual Women in Investing conference this week

The first annual Women in Investing (WIN) conference, conceived and organized by Parker Center director Lakshmi Bhojraj, will be held in Boston, MA this week.  The goal of WIN is to provide a forum wherein women from top MBA programs around the country can gather to network, hear perspectives on investment careers and related topics, and learn from distinguished women and men in the industry. Support from generous sponsors and help from student leaders fueled enthusiasm for the conference and its purpose.  More than 60 women from top MBA programs across the country and as many representatives from the top echelon of investment management firms are expected to participate.

"There are, quite simply, not enough women in investment management," said Bhojraj. "Through this and subsequent conferences, we aim to change that."

VIDEO: Lakshmi Bhojraj on WIN

A key objective of the conference is to educate women about the rewarding career opportunities available to them in the field of investment management.  In addition to networking with peers and listening to panels and speakers, participants will have an opportunity to showcase their stock-picking skills in front of a panel of industry veterans who will provide helpful feedback.