Johnson's Office of Diversity and Inclusion Bring Diversity and Cultural Differences to Front Stage

Students engage in frank exchanges during Johnson’s interactive diversity training

In a world where cross-cultural and international work teams are increasingly ubiquitous, cultural assumptions are questioned, and respect for individual differences is paramount, how can you improve your awareness and understanding of individual and cultural differences as well as your own biases, and reduce the likelihood of committing cultural gaffes that could put a strain on interpersonal working relationships?

At Johnson, discussing differences and sharing points of view with your cohorts is the place to start, and that’s just what first-year residential MBA students did as part of their orientation here on August 10. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) hosted two innovative diversity training sessions: In the first session, Craig Storti of Craig Storti & Associates, focused on the impact of cultural differences and how business is conducted in other cultures, punctuating his presentation with humorous, germane anecdotes. Next, actors from CSW Global Associates, Inc. tackled issues of diversity and cross-cultural awareness in the business environment as part of an interactive theatre, which included audience commentary and questions led by facilitator Connie Wong, shared observations gleaned from small group discussions, and questions, answers , and observations between audience members and the actors, who stayed in character throughout the session.

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