Consulting Magazine recognizes Johnson alum as one of "Top 25" consultants

Hernan Saenz, MBA '98, MIL '98, who also serves on Johnson's advisory committee, is celebrated by publication for being a transformational leader at Bain Consulting

Consulting Magazine recognizes Johnson alum as one of
Excerpt from "The 2011 Top 25 Consultants" (Consulting Magazine, May 17):

No one could ever accuse Hernan Saenz, [partner and head of Bain’s Dallas, Houston and Mexico City Offices Bain & Company] of taking the easy way out. In his 13 years at Bain & Company, Saenz has served both his clients and the firm with dedication. And it started on Day 1.

"On my first day, I went to the head of recruiting and said that I would like a job other than my case work," Saenz says. "I was given MBA recruiting at Cornell, my alma mater. Since then, I have always volunteered to have internal jobs within the firm. It culminated with my being able to serve the partnership of the firm as the managing partner of three offices, where I have an enormous opportunity to shape the firm, its people, as well as the clients." MORE
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