Johnson Means Business

Luisa Velasquez"Welcome to Johnson at Cornell University!" "Go Big Red!" is how I was greeted by smiling students at my first day at Johnson Means Business (JMB). JMB provided an informative and safe environment when I was exploring my MBA options. The Johnson community comes together for you during JMB. Dean Thomas, faculty, staff and students personally welcomed every JMB participant throughout our stay and they provided candid and honest answers to our questions. The Johnson community was so welcoming that current students opened up their homes to host each and every one of us. By attending JMB, I was able to visualize myself as part of the Johnson community not only as a student but also as a servant leader. Johnson is unique among other business schools because of the pride for its student body, unlimited support and hands-on leadership experiences.

I knew Johnson was the perfect fit because I would be valued as an individual and be pushed by my colleagues to achieve excellence in meeting my personal and professional goals. Now that a year has passed, I will be greeting you with "Welcome to the Big Red family!"

–Luisa Velasquez Aminsharifi, JMB 2009, Forté Fellow and NSHMBA Scholar, MBA 2012

Aaron Seabron"I attended JMB two years before I actually applied to Johnson which set a high bar for future prospective student events that I attended. Presentations, parties, and pizza were commonalities at every institutions' prospective student weekend, but I was always drawn back to the authenticity and candor of JMB. The weekend gave me a chance to really gain first hand understanding of the Johnson experience. I found it very empowering and refreshing that the faculty, students, and staff who I met during JMB were willing to serve as advocates and supporters of my application. The fact that the Johnson community developed such a strong relationship with me as JMB participant and applicant reinforced the fact that Johnson was the right business school for me."

–Aaron Seabron, JMB 2008, Park Fellow, MBA 2012

Elisa DobbinsAfter attending JMB, I was smitten by Johnson's charm. The staff, faculty, and students were amazing and possessed a quiet confidence, which to me, set Johnson apart from other programs. JMB was a packed weekend full of programming that showed me different facets of the Johnson program and community. When I left JMB, I knew that I found my next home and a place where I could leave my mark and make a difference.

–Elisa Dobbins, JMB 2009, Park Fellow, MBA 2012

Eduardo ValdiviesoIf I can summarize Johnson with one word, it would be "sharp." As you explore MBA programs, take a moment to sit back and compare Johnson with everyone one else and you'll see the difference, starting with JMB. The staff goes completely out of their way to give you a 360 view of Johnson, and boy do they do a great job. The event is jam-packed with networking opportunities, customized lectures and case studies, and, best of all, various opportunities to sell yourself to the Johnson Admissions staff. By the end of the program, you'll almost feel as though you've been attending Johnson for a while, only to sadly get back into your car and go back home (anxious for admissions to post their application for the upcoming school year). Johnson is turning heads at MBA fairs, conferences, and all over the business world, thanks to the incredible staff and amazing students that are a true representation of what the MBA program and Cornell, in general, is all about. Come see why!

–Eduardo Valdivieso, JMB 2009, Consortium and Toigo Fellow, MBA 2012