The Consortium

Johnson Consortium students have a profound affect on the culture and composition of our student body.

Joining the The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management in 2009, has allowed Johnson to take even greater steps toward enhancing diversity and inclusion. We are aligned with the Consortium's mission to increase the representation of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans in business schools and the highest ranks of management. 

Did you know there is a Consortium Fellowship?

The 2018 Johnson Consortium Liaisons are:

2018 Consortium Members

Rosemary Amponsah
Bright Botchway
Alexander Bramlet
James Brammah
Lamar Cardinez
Akilah Carter-Davis
Gilda Charles
Lucie Coates
Lauren Dowler
Emma Etheridge
James Godbout
Elmer Gonzalez Lopez
Jamal Gorrick
Christopher Hooper
Kin Poon
Sara Johnson
Steven Martinez
Zunail Meredia
Catianne Ngante
William Payne
Austin Piech
Cisco Rey
Marcus Rumbers
Martina Ruseva
Michele Sandidge
Sydney Starke
Anthony Tufano