The Forté Foundation

Since 2004, Johnson and The Forté Foundation have partnered to provide women with the tools and resources they need to achieve success in the business world.

The Forté Foundation was called to action in 2001 by the landmark research study, “Women and the MBA: Gateway to Opportunity”, which explored why fewer women attend schools of business than schools of medicine or law. The Forté Foundation was founded in 2001 to address this inequity and its impact on the business landscape.

The 2018 Johnson Forté Ambassadors are:

2018 Forté Fellows

Heather Ahmad
Shreya Bajaj
Rachel Boylan
Stephanie Chow
Hannah Cohn
Erica Coren
Marissa Grayfer
Purvi Gupta
Fayrouz Hares
Respina Jani
Rebecca Kim
Kristina Koepke
Rebecca Lucash
Stephanie Mitchell
Anne-Marie Mitchell
Abha Pandey
Jee Hyeun Park
Jeannette Park
Hillary Powers
Marcela Ramon- Gonzales
Caitlin Saltonstall
Preeti Singh
Cheunchombunn Sukchan
Juliette van de Walle
Xiuhua Wang
Wenrui Wu
Xiaojing Xia
Anel Yerzhanova
Jie Zhu

The 2017 Johnson Forté Ambassadors are:

2017 Forté Fellows

Faye Allison
Jacqueline Barrett
Kathryn Bartlett
Nikki Christy
Amy Compton
Mirit Gorohovsky
Xiangying Huang
Elizabeth Kosta
Amanda Lee 
Katherine Leonetti
Elizabeth Suspanic
Pidchapon Niruthisard
Meng Pan
Jee Hyeun Park
Hope Phillips
Meghana Reddy 
Xin Zhao

2017 Cornell Tech Forté Fellows

Olawanmi Oluwatosin- Adeniji
Asya Bashina
Clare Gaskell

Kendall Jakes
Rebecca Kim
Anna McGovern

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