The Forté Foundation

Johnson joined The Forté Foundation in 2004. Forté’s mission is to provide an increasing number of women with the tools and resources to achieve a successful career in business. Called to action by a landmark research study, “Women and the MBA: Gateway to Opportunity”, which explored why fewer women attend schools of business than schools of medicine or law, the Forté Foundation was founded in 2001 to address this inequity and its impact on the business landscape.

The 2014 Johnson Forte Ambassadors are:

2015 Fellows

Andrea Amaya
Rashmi Balaji Singh
Sharifa Chinikamwala
Rebecca Cummins
Cassandra Fossum
Allison Hamada
Mariam Kalandarishvili
Vicky Lee
Kristin Murphy
Jennette Saltsman
Grace Schiodtz
Rebecca Spiro
Shannon Terry
Beatina Theopold
Carrie Waters
Margaret Wu

2014 Fellows

Aisha Ahmad
Siobhan King
Maya Sudhakaran
Melissa Carr Adeyanju
Jackie Longner
Alice Thieu
Jean Choi
Sarah Maynard
Emily Walsh
Laura Corush
Sahr Said
Mia Woo
Emily Forsythe Sarah Hu Natalie Wossene
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