One-Year MBA

Who should apply?

This one-year MBA program, with residency in Ithaca, NY, is designed for professionals with established careers who seek an MBA to advance into senior management roles or to lead a new venture. Professionals with significant experience and advanced degrees or certifications (listed below) are eligible to apply.   Professional certifications and/or advanced degrees may be awarded credits at the start of the program.

Certifications eligible for credit include:

  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Institute of Chartered Financial Accountants (U.K. and India version of CPA)
  • Society of Actuaries
  • Project Management Institute

Advanced degrees eligible for credit include, but are not limited to:

  • J.D.
  • M.D.
  • MEng
  • MHA
  • MPA
  • MEd
  • M.A.
  • M.S.
  • PhD

Program format

Key features of the one-year MBA in Ithaca include:

  • Begins and ends in May. A 10-week summer term for orientation, core courses, leadership and professional development work with other one-year candidates
  • All remaining courses/electives feature a mix of one- and two-year classmates
  • A semester-long management practicum featuring real business projects
  • Performance learning experience for hands-on application of learning
  • Residency in Ithaca offers access to a full range of Johnson and Cornell academic resources
  • Lifelong relationships forged in the tight-knit Johnson community
  • Exceptional opportunity to pursue a wide variety of electives

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