The Asset Management Track

Students wishing to pursue careers in capital markets and investment management have a range of resources available to them at Johnson, as we outline below.

Parker Center investment Research

In the First Year of the MBA Program:

Cayuga Fund First Year Sector Analyst Program
A unique opportunity for students interested in pursuing investment management careers is the Cayuga Fund first year sector analyst program - an opportunity to be involved in the management of the Cayuga MBA Fund in the first year of their MBA program for course credit. Approximately 6-7 first year students are selected through a competitive process for this opportunity.  The selection process is modeled after Fidelity Investments' p-test, or prospectus test, in which applicants are given limited information on the stock of a company, including 10-Q and 10-K filings, sellside analyst reports, conference call transcripts and two hours to come up with an investment recommendation, which they will need to pitch to interviewers. Successful students are paired with a second year Cayuga Fund analyst and can begin covering a sector and pitching stocks into the fund as assistant portfolio managers. They are also given the unique opportunity to be featured in the Cayuga Fund annual report and can indicate their position on their resumes. First Year Sector Analysts are not guaranteed a position in the Cayuga Fund during their second year and will need to re-apply to be student portfolio managers in the fund in the spring semester with the rest of the applicant pool.

Parker Center Software Training Series (STS)
Knowing how to use best-in-class software tools can provide a competitive advantage to students in the investment management job search process. Johnson students have a unique advantage in that they have access to a range of analytical tools, including FactSet, Capital IQ, Bloomberg, Morningstar, Zacks Investment Research, Advantage Data and other tools, that rival the best of what investment professionals use, in the state-of-the-art Parker Center trading room. Students are encouraged to sign up for training on the use of these tools. Training sessions will be held every Friday for the first seven weeks of the fall semester and is open to all Johnson students and faculty. For more information, contact Cathy Wetterer, Administrative Assistant, Parker Center for Investment Research at

Fall Treks and the Investment Management Club (IMC)
Every fall, the CMC coordinates an informational trek to Boston to visit with several investment management firms and hear from investment professionals, including successful Johnson alumni. These sessions offer an invaluable peek into each firm's distinct culture, what it takes to succeed in the investment management business, and allows students to ask questions in an organized forum. To learn more, please contact Dave Capaldi, Associate Director, Career Management Center at In addition, the student-run Investment Management Club (IMC) also organizes other trips to NYC. Joining the IMC is a must for students interested in pursuing investment research careers on the buyside or sellside, sales, trading, or private wealth management.

MBA Stock Pitch Competition (SPC) and Women In Investing (WIN) Conference
The Parker Center for Investment Research hosts two flagship events in November of every year, the MBA SPC and the WIN conference. Both featuring representatives from top-tier investment management programs and peers from top MBA programs, the events allow students to showcase their stock-picking skills and network with peers and industry professionals alike. The opportunity to represent Cornell's teams for both these events is determined through a competitive selection process and interested students are encouraged to participate in student tryouts held for this purpose. For the WIN conference, women may attend without having to participate in the stock-pitching portion of the conference. Resume books will be distributed to sponsors at both these events. In addition, students have the opportunity to try out to represent Cornell in other stock-pitching venues that provide recruiting opportunities. For more information on the SPC, WIN, or other competition opportunities, please contact Lakshmi Bhojraj, Breazzano Family Executive Director of the Parker Center for Investment Research at

Capital Markets and Asset Management (CMAM) Immersion
Students seeking careers in investment research, sales, trading, or private wealth are encouraged to sign up for the CMAM immersion in the second semester of their first year in the MBA program. CMAM students will have the opportunity to research and pitch stocks into the Cayuga Fund under faculty supervision and in consultation with second year Cayuga Fund students, thereby acquiring a unique opportunity to obtain necessary skills before the start of their summer internship. For more information on the CMAM immersion, please contact Rob Symington,

In the Second Year of the MBA Program:

Students wishing to pursue investment management careers will typically enroll in the capstone asset management course, Applied Portfolio Management, informally known as the Cayuga Fund course, in the second year of their MBA program.  This is the course in which students have an opportunity to serve as portfolio managers, managing real money, in the $1 million Cayuga MBA Fund.  Students are selected for this course through a competitive process at the end of their first year in the program. Criteria for admission to the fund are grades in core accounting, finance, and other finance courses, demonstrated passion for the investment management business, and overall fit. Students who wish to enroll for Applied Portfolio Management cannot pursue study abroad or other Johnson programs requiring a significant time commitment such as Big Red Ventures. For more information on the Cayuga Fund, please click The Cayuga Fund on the left nav.

In addition to the Cayuga Fund course, Johnson offers several other courses tailored to meet the needs of future investment professionals. These include courses in financial statement analysis, financial markets and institutions, intermediate accounting, corporate governance and policy, ethics, and others.  We encourage students to see any of the Parker Center faculty or staff for more information on how best to prepare for asset management careers.