Investment Portfolio Case Competition

2017 Case: Private Wealth

April 28, 2017

Private wealth management is one of the fastest growing segments of the investment industry. Wealth management firms provide advice on estate, tax and retirement planning and are staffed by counselors, attorneys, tax accountants, analysts and portfolio managers. While all firms propose investment allocations for asset classes, firms do not implement these allocations in the same way. Most firms use mutual funds and ETF vehicles but many firms also invest their clients in private partnerships, insurance products and portfolios of individual securities.

The 2017 private wealth case describes a high net worth individual who seeks advice on how to invest his/her assets. The case includes a description of client concerns, current investments and spending needs. Teams are expected to prepare an IPS, analysis of funding requirements, investment recommendations and measures of success.

2017 1ST Place Winners:

College of Engineering

CONGRATULATIONS - Nicholas Wilk, Todd Edmonds, Willie Xing, Harvey Lyu