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Mar 07

WIN 2016: How professionals generate investment ideas

Fund managers offer expert guidance on selecting stocks

Feb 24

WIN 2016: The art of the stock pitch

MBA teams “sell” potential investments to prestigious judges

Feb 13

How to succeed in investment management

Investment professionals from Capital Group share their insights at WIN 2016

Director's Message
Lakshmi Bhojraj

Letter from the Executive Director

Lakshmi Bhojraj


8/18/2017    9:00am

Software Training

B05 Sage Hall

9/14/2017    3:00pm

Undergraduate Stock Pitch Challenge

Boston, MA

9/22/2017    4:00pm

Stock Pitch Mentorship Weekend

Ithaca, NY

The Center at Work

Alumnus Spotlight

In conversation with Dave Breazzano, MBA '80, Founder and CIO of DDJ Capital Management, LLC, and Chair of Johnson Advisory Council