The Cayuga Fund

Established in late 1998, through the generosity of the class of 1998 and a small circle of initial investors, the Cayuga MBA Fund began operating as an enhanced index fund, closely tracking the S&P 500.

Cayuga Fund

As of October 15, 2002, the fund strategy was changed; since then it has operated as a long-short, market-neutral equity hedge fund.

The Cayuga MBA Fund is distinguished from other university-based funds by the combination of these four factors:

  • the unusual degree of decision-making responsibility entrusted to the student fund managers, under appropriate oversight by faculty and investment professionals
  • the exceptional performance the fund has achieved
  • the access to electronic datafeeds and analytical software valued at more than $1.8 million in annual licensing fees
  • the structured performance-learning environment in which students take a class and apply theoretical frameworks to managing equities for real investors with continual expert feedback from faculty and professionals in the field.
The Cayuga MBA Fund is currently closed to all investors.