Investment Advisors

Haruki Toyama, MBA '97

Marcus Asset Management

Haruki Toyama is the President of Marcus Asset Management, an investment advisory firm and the managing member of a private investment partnership that invests primarily in publicly traded securities. The cornerstone of Marcus Asset Management's approach is to view the purchase of stock as fractional ownership in the underlying business enterprise. The firm therefore performs intensive fundamental research before making an investment, and prefers to take concentrated, long-term positions in established companies with attractive economic attributes. However, the underlying philosophy is simply to receive significantly more in value than the price paid; thus, Marcus Asset Management is opportunistic in its operations and invests in various special situations.

Prior to Marcus Asset Management, Haruki was a principal, portfolio manager, and/or research analyst with MFS Investment Management, David L. Babson & Company, Madison Investment Advisors, and Toyama Capital Management. He received an M.B.A. from Johnson and a B.A. from Brown University.