The Investment Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors to oversee the investment decisions of the Fund. In the absence of the faculty director, who also serves as the designated manager of the fund, each student stock recommendation must be approved by two Investment Committee members before it is implemented.

Lakshmi Bhojraj, '95, MBA '01
Breazzano Family Executive Director, The Parker Center for Investment Research

Jack M. Ferraro, MBA '70
Private Investor
Previous Position: General Partner, Neuberger & Berman, LLC

Peter A. Wright, '75, MBA '76
Previous Position: Director, Citigroup

Richard A. Marin, '75, MBA '76
President and CEO of The New York Wheel, LLC
Clinical Professor of Management

Mark Nelson
Eleanora & George Landew Professor of Management
Professor of Accounting, Johnson at Cornell University

Jeffrey P. Parker, '65, MEng. '66, MBA '70, Chairman
Managing Director, Parker Family Limited Partnership
Previous Positions: Founder and CEO of CCBN and First Call; Chairman Thomson Financial Services

Soumitra Dutta
Anne and Elmer Lindseth Dean, Johnson at Cornell University

Scott Stewart, PhD '85
Clinical Professor, Designated Manager, Cayuga MBA Fund, LLC

Chris Meredith, MBA '05
Designated Manager, Cayuga MBA Fund, LLC