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Camilla Morgan, Executive Education Admissions Director

Camilla Morgan, Executive Education Admissions Director

Jan 13 2014

Academic Readiness

Happy New Year!

Our team enjoyed a fun and relaxing holiday break.  We’re back, refreshed, and ready to enter our busy application season!

Last month, we introduced a four-part series focused on what we’re looking for in candidates. While organizational experience contributes to a successful Executive MBA experience, a strong academic foundation is also necessary. In our second installment, we’ll focus on your application from an academic perspective.

As you begin reflecting on your academic background, consider the following:

We closely evaluate your marks in all courses. We read transcripts line by line; we don’t just focus on the bottom line GPA.  We want to know what courses you took, how you did, and if there were trends in your performance. Our programs feature a mix of quantitative and qualitative coursework. And, while we welcome candidates from all academic backgrounds, we need to see achievement in some quantitative courses, like algebra or statistics.

An undergraduate degree is required. While many of our candidates have also completed post-graduate coursework, it is not a requirement.

We do not require that all candidates take the GMAT.  In most instances, we are able to obtain enough information from the transcripts.  However, we do occasionally ask candidates to complete the GMAT or additional coursework. 

You must submit transcripts from all undergraduate institutions you’ve attended. Did earn a few credits from a community college? We’ll need those transcripts too. This step ensures we see grades received for all courses. If you attended school outside of the US, contact us to see whether you will need to submit translated or evaluated transcripts. 

Take advantage of our optional admissions essay. Within the Executive MBA application, there is an optional personal statement related to academics.  If you have had past academic issues, you should submit a response. It should be brief, indicating any factors that contributed to the issues and what will be different in our program.  If we need more information, we’ll address the topic in more detail in the interview.

As always, we encourage anyone with a question about this, or any, topic to contact us.  We can review your transcripts before you formally apply and talk through your academic background.

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