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Camilla Morgan, Executive Education Admissions Director

Camilla Morgan, Executive Education Admissions Director

Mar 19 2014

Are you ready?

In my last post, I asked, “What can you contribute?”  As we close out our series on what we’re looking for in Executive MBA candidates, I’ll ask, “Are you ready?”  Readiness relates to the motivation and commitment required to be successful in our program.

Consider the following when determining whether an Executive MBA Program is the right fit for you.

How will you make time for the program? Completing an Executive MBA program requires hard work and dedication.  On average, our students find that they devote 20 to 25 hours per week on the program.  Sometimes that number is higher, particularly around exam times, or when a topic may be new to you.

Most people can find that time in their schedule, but you have to look for it.  Planning is key.  It is important to consider when you’re going to study and what you might have to sacrifice to find that time.  While it is important to stay balanced and keep up with some of your fun and personal commitments, you will likely have to cut back on some activities.

How will you build your support network? It is nearly impossible to do this alone.  Talk to your boss and coworkers.  Let them know what you are doing and reassure them that work will remain a priority.  But, also let them know that you will have other commitments during your program.  Consequently, a new large assignment or extended international trip may not be possible.

Talk to your family and friends.  Let them know that they may see a little less of you for a while.  Ask them to support you, check in on you, and be patient with you through this process.  If you have a spouse and children, make sure to plan family time, one weekend day or week night every week devoted to them.

What are your goals? Take time to think about why you’re pursing the program.  How will it advance your career? Reminding yourself of your professional, academic, and personal goals will keep you motivated throughout the program.

Preparing for the work and time commitment is not always easy.  If this is an area that concerns you, let our admissions team know.  We’d be happy to talk with you and connect you with a student or graduate who has gone through it.   

So, now that we’ve outlined what we’re looking for in candidates, my last question is, “When are you going to apply?”

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