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Camilla Morgan, Executive Education Admissions Director

Camilla Morgan, Executive Education Admissions Director

Feb 07 2014

What can you contribute?

In my last two posts, I have introduced two important admissions factors – experience and academic readiness. In this post, we’ll focus on the third factor, ability to contribute to the classroom experience.

A great benefit of enrollment in an Executive MBA program is being in an environment where you can learn with and from peers who have had diverse experiences. In order to create this environment, in admissions, we look to enroll a diverse class in terms of life experience, career progression, industry representation, and functional background, among other areas. This diversity enhances classroom discussions, as well as small team discussions.

To ensure that candidates entering the program can add to this peer-to-peer learning environment, we not only ask you to tell us about yourself within your written application, we also conduct personal interviews to get to you better. We want to know what makes you unique, specifically related to your strengths, areas of expertise, experiences, and skills.

Teamwork is also a critical part of the program experience. Because of that, we will ask you and your references about your ability to work well in a team setting. Strong teams not only share the workload, they also support each other, fostering an environment where people can share their strengths, ideas, and opportunities for growth.

Ultimately, every student coming into the program should look forward to learning and growing as an individual and as a professional. And, every student should also look forward to contributing to the overall learning experience for his or her peers.

Stay tuned for my next post – the final installment in the series. I will be discussing the importance of motivation and commitment when pursuing admission into our Executive MBA programs.

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