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Stretching your potential in a close knit community just outside New York City

A leader in innovative business education for the connected world, The Cornell Executive MBA prepares executives to succeed in a fast paced and competitive arena.

The Cornell Executive MBA Metro NY program through a student’s view

The Cornell Executive MBA Metro NY gives working professionals the opportunity to pursue an MBA on Saturdays and Sundays, just 12 miles north of New York City. Follow along as Basel Ismail, Metro NY ’16, guides you through a class weekend and details his journey as an Executive MBA student.

Student Blogs
Anu Ganguly, Executive MBA Metro NY ’17

Dean Outlines Vision for the Future in Palisades Chat

Anu Ganguly, Executive MBA Metro NY ’17

Apr 13

Global Business Study Initiative Takes Cornell Executive MBA Metro NY students to Brazil

Students traveled to Sáo Paulo and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, visiting several key companies, including Natura, FIESP, Embraer, LDC, Klabin, Petrobras, Rio 2016, BNDES, and Globo

Cornell Enterprise

Morgan Jones A Journey to the East and Back

Morgan Alexander Jones, MBA ’15, COO of US-China Strong

In a subtle but powerful way, Morgan Jones was exposed to Chinese culture even before he went to school. He was enthralled by “Journey to the West,” a popular Chinese TV show that aired on American television. The series was subtitled, but ran completely in Mandarin and Jones, then four years old, would mimic the language he did not yet understand.