Executive MBA

Propel your career to the next level.

Stay in your current job and advance your career with an MBA from Cornell.

Cornell Executive MBA Americas

Weekend classes across North America.

  • Delivered via multi-point videoconferencing to boardroom sites in select cities across the US and Canada
  • Classes are typically held every other weekend, in addition to 3 residential sessions on the university campuses
  • 17 months of classes
  • Dual degree program offered in partnership with Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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Cornell Executive MBA Metro NY

Weekend classes just 12 miles north of New York City.

  • Conducted in a classroom setting at the HNA Palisades Premier Conference Center in Palisades, New York
  • Classes held every other weekend, all day Saturday and Sunday morning, in addition to 4 residence sessions on the Cornell University campus
  • 22 months

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Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership

Advancing leadership and innovation in healthcare delivery.

  • Location: New York City
  • Length of Program: two semesters (with breaks)
  • Degrees awarded: Master of Business Administration and Master of Science from Cornell University

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Beta Mannix, associate dean for executive MBA programs

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Student Blogs
Colleen Krieger, Executive MBA Metro NY '18

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Colleen Krieger, Executive MBA Metro NY '18

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