Ann Richards

Ann Richards

Apr 16 2014

The Admissions Experience and Staying Inspired

At Destination Johnson last weekend, we hosted many incoming future Cornellians ready to become part of the Johnson family! I am honored that I can be a part of such an exciting time in your lives. My opening message shared stories of inspiration from admitted students and then it was my turn, to describe how our incoming classes inspire us.

We continue to move quickly through our rolling round for those still considering Johnson as an option. I know the admissions process can seem arduous at first, but I hope you take us up on our offer for one-on-one sessions. These sessions offer advice and guidance about your candidacy. You can email Ellen Benson at to schedule a session with a member of the admissions committee or you can personally schedule a session with Nichole Grossman here: This site is an easy way for you to speak with our adcom members if you are seriously considering applying this year. We are accepting new applications until April 30th so do not delay in submitting your application if you intend to apply!

We understand that as an applicant, balancing your personal and professional life through this process can be a challenge. We frequently host live web events to help you meet and ask us questions in an open format. Visiting us at Johnson and Cornell is a great way to assess your cultural fit but knowing that it may be difficult for you to visit us here in Ithaca; these web events are a great way to stay connected. Our next web event is Tuesday, April 22 at 5:30pm
to discuss "The Johnson Experience and Life in Ithaca" so register here to join us!

This season, we completely changed our approach to the admissions process for our newly launched
MBA@CornellTech in NYC. Two-year and One-year Ithaca applicants applying in 2014-2015 can expect a similar experience. Our new application will focus on your professional profile with capability to sync your LinkedIn account and allow you to be more innovative in telling us your story. After all, we find inspiration through our applicants and therefore future Cornellians! Be sure to stay tuned on this announcement, our launch date is only a few months away!

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