Ann Richards

Ann Richards

Oct 22 2013

The MBA at Cornell NYC Tech is different and so is the admissions process...

In the spring of 2011, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg embarked on an ambitious agenda to make NYC one of the world’s top-ranked technology hubs.  Johnson joins the list of graduate degree programs on the Cornell Tech campus in NYC, as one of the most innovative MBA programs truly unlike any other.

It is an opportunity of a lifetime to completely reinvent the admissions process for such a program.  To maintain the right balance of practicality and innovation, the application itself is truly an experience only emphasizing at each stage what we are looking to see from applicants.  I am excited to share the details of how this process is different and who should apply.

Stage #1:  Focus is on academic history (e.g. GPA, degree major details, academic accolades), test scores, nature of work experience and creativity.  Candidates should only focus on exactly what is critical to move them to the next stage.  Most candidates will have to prepare for the GMAT/GRE and deeply reflect on how creativity leads into innovation.  Below is a video within the application to further explain how we define creativity.   

Stage #2:  Candidates that show evidence of a strong academic history, technical sophistication, creativity and passion for continuous learning for the digital economy will be invited for a phone interview.  The interview focuses on the technical details of your education, skills and experience, certifications and tools of expertise.  The interview also focuses on your goals and fit with Cornell NYC Tech mission and initiatives.   

Stage #3:  The last step in this process is a second interview at the Cornell NYC Tech campus.  This is a panel format that includes Admissions, Career Management, Johnson faculty member, and Cornell NYC Tech faculty member.  The first half will focus on answering a case sent to candidates 24 hours before the interview.  We are not looking for specifics but rather problem solving and decision making skills; how to prioritize and organize information; as well as ability to work within ambiguity.  This is a great way for candidates to display their critical thinking skills and create a dialogue around their ideas.  The second half will be questions about work experience and career plan.  I believe having the right people in the room at this last stage of the process is essential for candidates to get their questions answered as well as perspective on how this program is very different. 

The only time it is required to submit a list of references, is if you are asked for a second interview.  We will send a document for this list and how your references prefer to be contacted.  References can choose to be contacted by phone or send an official letter to the Admissions Office.  Candidates may upload a letter of endorsement complimentary to their application in the first stage.  More information about the application requirements can be found on the Cornell Tech website. 

The application itself is more digitally enhanced, accessible from any device (including mobile), and allows candidates with a robust online professional profile to prefill information using their LinkedIn account.  Ideal candidates have a strong STEM background, possess an entrepreneurial spirit, pioneering attitude, and ready to grow their career as a leader in the digital economy.   Applications are rolling and final decisions are made on a monthly basis.  Candidates that receive an offer of admission do not have a deadline to decide, offers will be made until the class is full.  To confirm a seat in the class, admitted students must make a one-time $5,000 tuition deposit.

If this program captures your attention or someone you may know, please consider attending or forwarding the following event details to meet with us.  We look forward to meeting you!

November 7th, Cornell Silicon Valley (CSV) and Johnson Dean Dutta to present on “The Changing Geography of Innovation:  Lessons from the Global Innovation Index” 

December 4th, holiday reception at the Cornell Club– welcomes new MBA Cornell NYC Tech students and host prospective students

January Predictions Dinners – join Admissions at a hosted table in over eight U.S. cities and London for an evening with alumni – confirmed dates and registration links will be posted in a later blog entry or contact Jenna Abbott ( for more details. 

I host monthly Google Hangouts to feature news about our program at Cornell NYC Tech and take questions about the admissions process.  To register, please email Jenna Abbott ( with your Gmail account name and the date in which you would like to attend.  Each session is 20-30 minutes and available to the first 9 that sign up with Jenna, next hangout – Tuesday, November 5th 11:30 EST and Tuesday, November 12th 11:30 EST.   Please note that you must set up a Google + account corresponding with your Gmail account, if you have not already done so.  

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