Ann Richards

Ann Richards

Nov 09 2013

Johnson admissions connects with international candidates from all over the world

A Live Wired event featuring guest speakers such as faculty, alumni, and current students from each region.  Enjoy a candid view of the experience at Johnson from the experts.

As part of the session, I will also provide tips on how to strengthen your MBA application as it specifically relates to international candidates in each of these regions such as successful applicant profiles, career placement and more.

Before you hit submit, take advantage of this opportunity to connect with Johnson and learn about our unique interactive community.

**Please click the event in which you plan to attend.  The site will open 10 minutes before each event starts.  Password for ALL events: cornellmba.  

November 11th 

Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East- 11am EST

Latin America - 1pm EST

November 12th 

Asia and Oceania - 7am EST 

India and Russia - 9 am EST

Western Africa and Europe - 2pm EST

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Hi Christine, I missed the live talk because of an emergent job. Is there any other way to review the gist of the live talk? Or will there be another such talk to be secheduled? Thanks!
Wendy Gao - · reply · 0 0 0
Hi Wendy, sorry you had to miss our live talk. We are featuring one more this afternoon at 2pm EST which will still feature faculty, alumni and students as well as application tips! I hope we e-meet you this afternoon.
Christine Sneva - · reply · 0 0 0
Johnson is my 1st choice. I shall be applying in 2nd round. Pls advise when will be next chat session? I would like to join it. Pls advise on
Fahad Vakil
Saudi Arabia
Fahad Vakil - · reply · 0 0 0
Hi Christine, I really appreciate if you and the other experts make a schedule to come to my country 'Indonesia' and make seminar for socialization which included: Prospect, Requirements, and career plan

Windy - · reply · 0 0 0
Hi Christine,

I would like to attend the live wired event for India scheduled on November 12th
9 am EST. Request you to please register me for this event. My mail id is

Richa Sharma - · reply · 0 0 0

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