Ann Richards

Ann Richards

Mar 10 2014

Admissions Update from Johnson

We are still accepting applications for both the two-year MBA (until April 30th) and the one-year MBA (until April 1st) Ithaca-based programs.  So if you have not submitted your application, there is still time!  We will make decisions on all new applications on a rolling basis with time to apply for financial aid, secure housing and a student visa if necessary before classes start.

We are hosting four Live Web Events over the next several weeks designed to help you learn more about us, the application process, and life in Ithaca!  These events are very interactive and I encourage you to join in and ask questions.  We try to schedule these events so candidates throughout the world can participate.  The event descriptions are listed below with links to register; I hope you will join us!

Live Web Event #1:  The One-Year Cornell MBA and finding the right job
Tuesday, March 18th, starting at 5:30pm EST
Register here:

Live Web Event #2:  Join Bob Frank for a discussion on his book "The Economic Naturalist" followed by Q&A 
Tuesday, March 25th, starting at 10am EST
Register here:

Live Web Event #3:  Open Mic:  Everything you need to know about Johnson admissions
Wednesday, April 9th, starting at 5:30pm EST 
Register here:

Live Web Event #4:  Get Real:  The Johnson experience and life in Ithaca
Tuesday, April 22nd at 5:30pm EST
Register here:

We highly encourage you to visit us and you can schedule a visit directly from our home page.  Classes are held through the end of April and if you are here on a Thursday, you can join us for Sage Social - a community wide social hour held in our atrium.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or anyone on the admissions team with questions.  
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