Park Leadership Fellows Alumni Profiles

Karen Dietrich, MBA '12

Kira Dietrich, MBA ‘12

Putnam Investments (Fixed Income Analyst)

In addition to learning about leadership and service through these two years in the Park Program, I have also learned a tremendous amount about myself. From the one-on-one’s with Clint to receiving honest feedback from the other fellows, I have been able to identify and embrace my strengths while also . . . More>

Elisa Dobbins

Elisa Dobbins, MBA '12

Clorox (Brand Management)

The Park Fellows program gave me the tools to fully embrace my true leadership style and learn how to then lead effectively. Being able to work on leadership skills with your trusted cohort allows you to take risks in a safe environment, setting you up for success once you enter the real world. My Park projects allowed me to use . . . More>

Alex Green, MBA '12

Alexander Green, MBA '12

Apple, Inc.

Serving as a Park Fellow has been an incredibly powerful component of my Johnson experience. Through rigorous classroom, extracurricular, and service activities, I have gained a fuller awareness of my personal strengths and growth areas, allowing me to grow as a more versatile and effective leader. Armed with these capabilities . . . More>

Natalie Grilion, MBA '12

Natalie Grillon, MBA ‘12

Acumen Fund

After two challenging years in the Peace Corps, one of the major reasons I chose Johnson for my MBA was to continue my personal development and service to others through the Park program. The self- awareness I have cultivated and the ability to grow through feedback and reflection will continue to serve me throughout . . . More>

Frank Nicklaus, MBA '12

Frank Nicklaus, MBA ‘12

General Electric

The Park program has been the cornerstone of my MBA experience.  When I left the Army in 2010 I was deeply concerned that my business career would lack the sense of purpose that the military provided.  The opportunities for introspection that working with Clint and our Park cohort provided, however, helped me identify my . . . More>

Aaron Seabron, MBA '12

Aaron Seabron, MBA, ‘12

General Mills (Associate Marketing Manager)

The Johnson MBA education is filled with a wide variety of obligations across the academic, social, and career dimensions. The Park program provides dedicated time, space, and tools to take a step back from these obligations for introspection to build self awareness. Through an emphasis on personal leadership . . . More>