Park Fellow Alumni Profiles

Aaron Seabron, MBA '12Aaron Seabron, MBA, ‘12

The Johnson MBA education is filled with a wide variety of obligations across the academic, social, and career dimensions. The Park program provides dedicated time, space, and tools to take a step back from these obligations for introspection to build self awareness. Through an emphasis on personal leadership development from the inside out, the Park program has helped me develop a deeper understanding of who I am based on my unique strengths, values, and goals. Armed with this understanding I am now better equipped to effectively lead and inspire others. My personal journey into leadership was enhanced by going through the process with a cohort who understood my challenges and were always willing to provide support and offer accountability.

Pre-MBA Employer:

Management Leadership for Tomorrow (Partner Relations Associate)

Park Project:

In collaboration with another Park fellow our project culminated in a series of strategic recommendations being delivered to the athletic department and Cornell Football coaching staff aimed at driving deeper levels of fan engagement and higher attendance at Cornell Football home games on an annual basis beginning with the fall 2012 season. The fundamental objective was to evaluate the Cornell Football fan experience first-hand and then research how that experience resonates with members of the greater Cornell and Ithaca communities. Through evaluating best-in class football programs, surveying over 150 community members, and conducting focus groups with current students and faculty a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with articulating Cornell Football’s unique value proposition in a relevant manner was developed. As a result of the project, several consumer-target specific tactical initiatives are being evaluated for implementation by the athletic department.

Post-Graduate Employer:

General Mills (Associate Marketing Manager)