Park Fellow Alumni Profiles

Chris Vansant, MBA '04Chris Vansant, MBA '04

The Park Fellows Program helped me in ways that were subtle, but in the aggregate led to a higher degree of effectiveness and confidence, particularly when it came to interacting with others. The process of making a significant change in oneself is daunting and difficult without a support group. That's why the Park program is so great...everyone is trying to change for the better, and we are all doing it in the same place, on the same schedule, in a nurturing environment. The support from fellow Parks was invaluable. Ultimately, this is the hidden gem of the Park program: It will make you a better communicator and more confident leader if you are willing to embrace making a change in yourself over the course of two years.

Pre-MBA Employer:

B2 Media

Park Project:

Vansant worked with two other Park Fellows to produce a documentary film about the Park program that featured selected 2004 service projects. The film highlighted how the charter of the Park Fellows Leadership Program was implemented on a day-to-day basis by the class of 2004. Using a combination of on-location filming and interviews with Park Fellows, project sponsors, the Johnson administration, and the Triad Foundation, the film created a tangible record of the Park program's impact on the local community that future project sponsors and program applicants could use as a benchmark.

Post-Graduate Employer:

Madison Park Group