Park Fellow Alumni Profiles

Frank Nicklaus, MBA '12Frank Nicklaus, MBA '12

The Park program has been the cornerstone of my MBA experience. When I left the Army in 2010 I was deeply concerned that my business career would lack the sense of purpose that the military provided. The opportunities for introspection that working with Clint and our Park cohort provided, however, helped me identify my core values and use them to find a career path that would provide tremendous professional opportunities without requiring me to compromise on the service-based leadership principles that grew so important to me in the Army and during my time at Johnson. The program also played a critical role in teaching me how to apply the leadership skills I acquired as a military officer in less hierarchical, more informal environments. I have no doubt that the lessons I have learned as a Park Fellow will play an instrumental role in my development as a leader for many years to come.

Pre-MBA Employer:

US Army

Park Project:

Frank completed a study of energy supply and demand conditions in the local area for the Tompkins County Planning Department. His research included interviewing approximately 16 key energy stakeholders in the region and conducting extensive research through sources such as the NYS Energy Research and Development Authority, the NY Independent System Operator, the US Department of Energy, and many others. The project deliverables included a public presentation to the Planning Department staff and more than 30 local residents at the Tompkins County Public Library, as well as a comprehensive report that was submitted to the Planning Department. The findings and recommendations from Frank’s work, as well as that of three other Cornell graduate students who performed parallel work assessing the potential for renewable energy deployment in the county, will be used to guide the Planning Department in formulating its Energy Roadmap, one of the key measures intended to help the county achieve its goal of an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Post-Graduate Employer:

General Electric